Camp Skate IA

MINI CAMP Skate IA 2017 occurs in Boston on Sept 22, 2017: See the bottom of the page for details and to register, it's not too late to Register for Boston!

MINI-CAMP Skate IA is part of so head to their site for details on host hotel, skate routes, group dinners, etc. But click on the single link below (+) for details including hours and basic overview of classes at CAMP. Which classes we teach will be determined by you. Registration is open @ $50 for six classes. All level Advanced Beginner through Advanced encouraged. Advanced Beginners can glide on one foot, and stop, (sort of) and maybe are considering skating backwards (and we will teach several forms of that at MINI-CAMP Skate IA Boston.) 142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA at the Tennis Courts.

Camp Skate IA (the three day event) is an annual camp offered to skaters and skate instructors. It is designed for the skater who is looking to improve certain skills and is interested in trying out a variety of types of skating: hockey, artistic, slalom, trail, race, derby, skate park, skate-to-ski, tricks, games and more. The schedule has been updated and is below. It is subject to change.  We offer the camp on the east and west coasts, alternating each year. The Host Hotel is the Marriott-Pales Verde/Torrance and details are noted below. Contact us to book a room as we have two extras. Also, will find you roommate as needed (we like keeping costs down)  CAMP SkateIA is in Torrance, which is a town inside of Los Angeles. See details below for how to book your room.

CAMP SkateIA includes 18 hours of classes, an evening skate around the city, a beach skate and the Saturday night dance skate. We are confined with sound due to the open nature of the rink (no walls, but it has a roof) so the music will be much lower than we'd like. Bring your music to plug in.  We will be double and triple tracking classes offering about 35 classes in total A few classes will be offered off skates, and we are adding Skate-To-Ski classes again.

Become an instructor: For those skaters who are considering becoming an instructor, we offer our Certifications for the 2  & 1/3 days prior and two days after camp including a Level 1, Level 2, Skate Park and Slalom Certifications. See the schedule below for dates and times. We will be announcing our newest Certification on the first day of camp!

Thanks to our sponsors SEBA Skates, Rollerblade & PSIA!  Thank you to retail stores Shop-Task & Empire Skates for extra advertising and to everyone who shared our social media posts!

We are also offering a one-day MINI-CAMP SkateIA at Skate Boston on September 22, 2017. See below for details for our east coast 2017 camp.

Location & Host Hotel
This portion was updated 6/15/17. Host Hotel: The Host hotel is now booked, but we booked one extra rooms that we can share with you, or give you. The booking period has ended so contact us to get yours, or to be set up with a room mate. The Courtyard Marriott offers a room with two queen beds or a king bed for $149/$139 respectively. The Courtyard Marriott location is: Los Angeles Torrence/Pales Verdes. Contact Trish to get a hotel room, or share! Rink locations: Charles Wilson Rink is a huge covered rink (not enclosed) and we have secured it for Wednesday & Thursday for our pre-camp Certifications and for Camp on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will also be offering classes at Carson Skate Park for a fun aggressive class and to the beach for great trail skate. Our Travel page on Google gives you all the details of our locations We believe that this change is in the best interest of our guests and will provide you with a better experience of CAMP Skate IA. It is much more work, but we are committed that CAMP SkateIA be memorable for all the right reasons!
2017 CAMP SkateIA schedule  (Google doc, subject to change at any time). Camp includes three days of classes.  There are six hours of classes each day, usually there is a choice of two classes each hour. The schedule includes choices of slalom, artistic, dance, jam, hockey, aggressive, trail/race, games, tricks and more. Our schedule is shaping up to be offering about 41 classes over three days. Single day purchase is $85 and includes the T-shirt. Thursday night: Welcome & Beach skate. (In-hosted) Friday, August 18:  9-4pm  CAMP classes 9-Noon and 1-4pm. Lunch on your own. Friday night, August 18: 7-10pm. Skate around the city or beach trail skate. Un-hosted, run by local skaters, skate at your own risk. Saturday, August 19:  2-10pm includes a dance. Due to sound permits in an open air location, the dance will run from 7-9 and the sound will be at a lower level than we'd like. Sunday, August 20:  9-4pm  CAMP classes 9-Noon and 1-4pm. Possible BBQ. It is likely the morning classes will be at Carson Skate Park and adjacent basketball court. BEFORE Camp: Level 1, Level 2 & Slalom Instructor Certifications will be offered  AFTER Camp:  Level 1 & Skate Park Certifications will be offered , see "Interested in becoming an instructor" below for dates and times. Instructor Bios: You can find out who is teaching and a little bit about them on this page. Camp occurs at three locations: Wilson Rink, Mar Vista Rink & Carson Skate Park in Veterans Park.
CAMP Skate IA costs $150 for Friday-Sunday and includes 18 hours of classes, a night dance, a camp t-shirt and other great swag. Housing is not included in this camp, but a Host Hotel is designated as well as a nearby option. While much of the details can be shared here, what is more difficult to explain and share, is the extraordinary experience campers experience when learning new ways to skate, meeting new skaters who see the world they way you do. From professional skaters, to weekend warriors, camp offers you a chance to indulge in skating, in so many ways, with so many people who share your love of skating. Join us and experience the skate camp for yourself. There is a $25 discount for current Skate IA members, please contact Trish for the promo code!
Getting to CAMP Skate IA
LAX (Los Angeles International) is only a 31 minute, 11.2 mile Uber/Lyft drive away from the Host Hotel the Courtyard Marriott Torrence/Pales Verdes. We have also created a Shuttle Sheet that allows those of you flying in to sign up for a local skater to pick you up for a minimal fee. The host hotel is around the corner from our main skate location, just a one-half mile skate/drive. It is a longer drive to our Sunday location and our Skate Park Class location. We are also having a dance and Dance/Skate off with prize money on Saturday where our camp runs from 2-10pm so everyone can sleep in after the Friday night late skate. Local skaters are intending to plan a beach skate and/or a Friday Night Skate. We will provide details of skating opportunities not provided by our event, but encouraging you to attend! (legalese: you skate at your own risk!)
Who attends?
CAMP SkateIA is open to all quad and inline skaters.  Although it was initially designed as a conference for Certified Skate Instructors, we updated the camp and now offer it for everyone who inlines or roller skates from advanced beginner through advanced.  While generally adults, people of all ages attend camp (parents must accompany their kids) and our instructors offer instructor to a wide variety of abilities and disciplines. CAMP SkateIA is perfect for people who love to skate, or people who are new to skating and want to see the wide variety of ways there are to skate. Attendees tend to be passionate about skating and/or intending to take their skating up to the next level. Attendees are often the top in their skating or simply want to be with other like minded skaters. All instructors are Certified Skate IA and each year brings different instructors, new classes and new ways to skate. It is the ONLY camp which brings the diversity of skating to one location. Join us for our 6th Annual CAMP SkateIA. Register here For a list of our Instructors, click here. CAMP Skate IA is an experience, that is well, ineffable.
Instructor Certifications @ CAMP
Those who are interested in becoming Certified Skate Instructors can take any of the Certifications offered just before, or just after CAMP. For new-to-instructing, you can start with Level 1, Slalom or Skate Park. Level 2 is available to anyone who has already taken the Level 1 Certification. Cost for Certification: Freestyle Slalom, Skate Park, Level 1, Level 2  $175 each (Regular price is $300) Level 2 & Slalom will be offered BEFORE camp. Tuesday, August 15 6:30 - 9pm (at host hotel, off skates) Wed, August 16th 9-6pm (Wilson Rink) Thursday, August 17th 9-5pm (Santa Monica Civic Auditorium) Level 1 & Skate Park will be offered AFTER camp. Sunday, August 20, 6:30 - 9pm (at host hotel, off skates) Monday, August 21, 9-6pm (Santa Monica Civic Auditorium) Tuesday, August 22, 9-5pm (Santa Monica Civic Auditorium) Candidates for any Certification may not miss any portion of the Certification, so please do not sign up if you cannot attend all noted hours.
MINI CAMP SkateIA @ Skate Boston
CAMP Skate IA is traveling! We are adding our first MINI-CAMP to Skate Boston. On Sept 22nd from 9-4pm enjoy six hours of classes (and a lunch break) on a wide variety of skills: Hills & Hazards for those doing the City Skates during Skate Boston. Slalom, Artistic and Basic skills: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced. Classes are taught by Certified Skate Instructors. One Day Camp is usually $85 but for Skate Boston we are charging $50. You can register for MINI-CAMP SkateIA here on webscorer:  This camp is open to quad and inline skaters and you do not need to be attending Skate Boston to join this camp at this price (but we recommend it!). The location is 142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA (near Walker Hall) at the tennis courts.
Sponsors of CAMP Skate IA & MINI CAMP
We are pleased to have SEBA Skates, Rollerblade and PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors Association) sponsor and support our event. We cannot offer this camp without the explicit support of our sponsors. Please let them know they make a difference by checking out their websites, buying their products and supporting their social media feeds. We love:   +    +